Paul "Tiger" Baugh is a professional Auctioneer, entrepreneur and President of BestLife International, Inc. He married Glenda Class in 1970, they have one daughter, three sons, eight grandchildren, one dog (Bear), one cat and three horses. They lived in Colorado, on the West Coast of Washington and since 1978 in the Clearwater Valley.

Paul's Father "Tiger Jess" was a professional prize fighter from Missouri in the 1920s and 1930s with 106 bouts. After retiring from the ring his father was an MP during WWII and worked in law enforcement for a time. He became a clearing contractor, house mover, tree surgeon and Auctioneer, his work caused him to move every year or two.

Jess borrowed the name "Tiger" from his friend "Tiger" Jack Fox, a Negro fighter he admired. Paul grew up in Colorado, Wyoming and Montana and was always training or boxing anyone who would spar with him, including adults and was often called "Little Tiger".

Paul rode his horse or walked a few miles to grade school and often carried a rifle or shotgun to a single room schoolhouse, near the Big Horn Mountains outside Sheridan, WY. On some winter days he drove a farm tractor and pulled out stuck vehicles.

With money saved from trimming trees, cutting and loading brush all summer, Paul bought a snow blower one winter and contracted with residents of a small Montana town to keep driveways clear of snow. It snowed so much, many school days were missed. One summer he sold 9 chainsaws and 3 more to his Dad and was given an award by Andreas Stihl, for being the youngest dealer in Stihl's Worldwide organization. Back then the minimum was six saws to to qualify as a dealer with no minimum age.

Paul was athletic and participated in sports but his main interest was to pursue a boxing career. "Little Tiger" was unbeaten as an amateur and had Olympic and professional aspirations. Those plans were interrupted when Jess was killed in 1968 while working on a tree job.

After his father’s death, Paul sold his Dad's equipment at auction and the following summer went to Colorado to see his mother and step dad. He used a portion of the auction proceeds to help his mom buy a larger house, so his step mother would have a place to live. He went onto Missouri where he intended for his cousins and uncles who had ring experience to help him train, prepare for tournaments and turn pro.

Besides natural boxing ability, Paul had an early entrepreneurial orientation like his father, who at age 19, made National headlines in 1927 by constructing a 30,000-seat arena outside Miami Florida, in an effort to promote a main event between his friend William "Young" Stribling and #1 contender Gene Tunney, who later defeated Jack Dempsey.

In 1970 "Little Tiger" operated Tiger Tree Surgery & Pest Control and found a way to buy the fifth-ever Taco John franchise. The franchise was paid off in a short time and Tiger Pest Control, was very profitable as well.

Business success, opportunities and influence from his mother, his Stepfather Tom (a good man) and new wife, compelled him to reluctantly "postpone" being a professional fighter. The successful food franchise was sold so he could move to the Pacific Northwest, where he intended to fall timber, but quickly was offered a job and became a foreman for Cascade Logger's Supply the largest company of the kind in the NW. He made chokers, spliced cable, and while hauling dynamite ran over a State Trooper's new pickup his 3rd day on the job.

The temptation for a boxing career persisted and "friendly exhibitions" were occasionally followed by encouraging offers. Nevertheless, Paul says there is consolation knowing how unlikely a dream of being World Champion was. He says, "I was confident due to reach, speed and punching power, but was also realistic". The Title would require a fight during prime years with Carlos Monzon -- arguably the best Middleweight in history -- ahead of even Robinson.

Paul turned down a promotion at Cascade, in order to fall timber and built a good reputation as a timber cutter and high climber topping spar trees. He enjoyed the log cutting profession for a decade. He started cutting for helicopter logging operations and moved to Idaho for the 2nd time and decided to stay in Orofino. Sadly, six of his friends were killed like Jess in logging accidents during those years and dozens injured. As a boy he also saw his father nearly cut his leg off.

After what seemed like a lifetime, he left the woods and started a new business: All States Equipment Co. He demonstrated specially engineered propane cutting, welding and hard facing equipment he helped develop in the mid and late 80s in 18 states. Paul was a member of the Washington Contract Loggers Association, Oregon Logging Conference, Sierra Cascade Logging Conference and the Alaska Loggers Association. Paul always liked aviation so he bought an airplane and learned to fly.

With his Son Jess, Paul started Tiger Dust Control, a part time business for over 14 years. His Father founded Tiger Auctioneering in 1953. A week before he was killed he told his son: "No matter how far you go [in the ring], or how much you like it, it doesn't last that long, you ought to think about auctioneering, not just learning from me... auctioneering is a good trade for you".

Finally taking that advice and graduating from Western College of Auctioneering, Tiger Auctioneering today is a licensed, bonded member of the National Auctioneer's Association and conducts benefit auctions, sales for the State of Idaho, commercial auctions, farm and equipment sales, moving sales and 60 to 70 estate auctions per year.

Tiger says: "We try hard to conduct worthwhile auctions and practice policies and protocol that are fair to both sellers and buyers. It is rewarding that so many folks take notice of this effort and we appreciate the many compliments and referrals". We regret the folks we must turn down due to property or lack of time to give everyone equal attention".

Apart from Tiger Auctioneering, Paul co-founded a small research & development nutritional products company called BestLife International in 1997 making private label beverage products. From conception of the company, BestLife was focused on creating practical cutting edge products with a focus on health and nutritional integrity.

BLI was also among the first to help develop non-hydrogenated vegetable oils and offer products with NO Trans Fats. In fact, BLI was the first company in the U.S. to put “Trans Fats” on food labels 10 years before it was mandatory and the FDA will concede to that.

BLI has never sold products made with Genetically Modified ingredients and were one of the first to educate consumers about the real health and ecological issues. BLI has always met stricter European standards for Non-GMO products.

BLI currently ships "Sammi's Best" brand products (named after granddaughter Samantha) to customers in all 50 states. Samantha works at BLI's FDA inspected factory and attends college. Another granddaughter, Aislinn, attends college, helps with e-commerce marketing, trade show promotions and media management.

Maxelence MVP the latest BLI product, is a muscle recovery, mineral, vitamin, probiotic and hydration drink. The product usess D-Ribose, patented chelated minerals, essential vitamins and probiotics to create sustained energy, fast muscle & joint recovery without the use of caffeine or stimulants.

A National TV infomercial is currently in production for Maxelence MVP. It will feature interviews with a few of the hundreds of customers across the country who relate how the product has provided numerous noticeable health, energy and recovery benefits every day. It is formulated for anyone who works or plays hard from 9 to 90+.

Tiger's daughter, Elyshia, is married to veteran NASCAR driver and team owner Derrike Cope (first driver from the NW to win the Daytona 500). Elyshia was self employed as a personal trainer and operated a dance studio. She is now the PR Sponsor Coordinator for DCR team #70. She also promotes BLI products at NASCAR events where BLI is sometimes the primary sponsor of the car and does trade shows for BLI.

The oldest son, Jess, and his wife Brenda own a Lodge in the Idaho Wilderness on the Salmon River and run Mountain River Outfitters in Riggins, ID. Jess is a capable Entrepreneur, builder and great fishing guide. He and Brenda have worked hard to make MRO one of the most successful rafting, fishing and jet boating company on the Salmon. (www.idahoriver.com)

Luke, the second oldest son, is a licensed river guide, certified yoga instructor and has a Masters degree in Business Ethics and Sustainability. He also owns and runs a highly rated whitewater rafting business, Triad River Tours, out of Bellingham, WA. (www.triadrivertours.com)

The youngest son, Brian, is a former record setting quarterback for the Clarkston Bantams, where he earned a five-year college football scholarship and was a starting quarterback for Central Washington University. He has also been a licensed river guide. Brian is now the COO of BLI, local musician/songwriter (band - El Pelican) and is an excellent auction ring man.

Tiger Auctioneering is a sponsor of the Snake River Radio Roundup on KRLC. Tiger say, he "tries" to play & sing traditional western music and put the Western back into Country. He is an amateur historian, rides horses, likes to whitewater raft, hunt, ski, fly fish and has done some serious mountaineering, although BLI and business allows little time for recreation. His favorite sports are football, fly fishing, skiing, boxing and NASCAR.